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Summer Fun @ the Library - 2017

Details about the programs offered for our Summer Library programs

Summer Fun @ the Library - ALL Ages

(Funded by the Hillsdale County Community Foundation)


Summer Fun @ the Library begins Thursday, June 1.

Come in and register beginning that day.

Remember - you read whatever you want to read, pure enjoyment, no questions, no tests, no reading levels.

Is your child too young to read? No matter. You read to them and they can participate, too.

An older brother or sister can also read to a younger child.  (Both will get credit)

Prizes for reaching your reading goals!

Again, there will be the opportunity for a daily prize at the library!

Draw a task from the jar on the desk, complete it, and choose a prize from the box. One per child per day.

The Bicycle!

McDonald's is providing a bicycle again this year for you to try to win! How can you win this? First of all, you must be going into 6th grade or younger. Register for Summer Reading, read our library books, show the librarian your reading log. For those who read on their own, you will get one ticket for each book you have read. For those who need to be read to, they will get one ticket for every 5 books read to them. AND, for every library event that you attend, you will get a ticket toward the bike! Come in for Speed Stacking or LEGO Club and get a ticket! Come to see Doug Spade and his dog, you will get a ticket. Attendance at any planned library event will get you a ticket toward the bike. The drawing will be held on Heritage Day following the parade.

Doug Spade & his Seeing Eye Dog, Lucky

will be here on Tuesday, June 13 at 6 PM

Doug is a former State Representative and current radio talk show host. Lucky has spent most of his life in constant service to Doug. Doug will tell us about how a Seeing Eye Dog makes the world a better place for their human. He will also share the steps along the way for the dog and the human. Each needs to learn so they can eventually work together.

Fairy Gardens

Bean Creek Garden Center will be here on Thursday, June 15 at 2 PM for a workshop.

$30 will provide you with a container, dirt, plants, an object or two, and an afternoon of fun building your own Fairy Garden! This was popular last summer, so we will repeat it this summer. It is aimed at adults and any older children who want to do this. This is the only program for which there is a charge. It is also a fundraiser for the library.

Joel Tacey will be here on Monday, June 26 at 1 PM.

He presents a show that will be highly entertaining! Help us welcome him to North Adams!! All ages welcome!

Classroom Critters

will be with us again this summer!

Paul McCormack will be here on Tuesday, July 11 at 6 pm

If you missed him on his previous visits, make sure you are here this summer! Ask anyone who was here for his last visit.

All ages are welcome for this program.

Further info can be found here.

Now! For some repeating events!!

Speed Stacking Cups!

Every Wednesday, all day, and every Saturday morning, you can come to the library and practice your skills at Speed Stacking! We have the cups, the mats and the timers.

Later on, after you have had time to practice, we will have a tournament. For now, here are some videos to show you what you need to do.

Speed Stacking Videos

LEGO Club!

On Thursday afternoons at 1 PM, we will have LEGO Club. Come join us. We might have a challenge set for you to build, a general category for you to build, or maybe we will see what you can think of to build! Have ideas? Please share!






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