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Newly acquired books for children

17 July 2013

Board Book    A is for apple    Birkett, Georgie

Board Book    The very hungry caterpillar    Carle, Eric, 1929-

Board Book    Is your mama a llama [text (board books)]    Guarino, Deborah.

Board Book    Brown bear, brown bear, what do you see?    Martin, Bill

Board Book    Corduroy goes to the doctor    McCue, Lisa.

Board Book    If you were my bunny : board book    McMullan, Kate.

Board Book    Hickory dickory dock    Reasoner, Charles.

Board Book    I'm a little tea pot!    Reasoner, Charles.

Board Book    Dr. Seuss's ABC : an amazing alphabet book!    Seuss

Board Book    Animal talk    Sirett, Dawn.

Board Book    Baby animals    Sirett, Dawn.

Board Book    Where oh where is Huggle Buggle Bear?    Sully, Katherine.

Board Book   Trucks trucks trucks    Sis, Peter

E Tim    The dirty cowboy    Timberlake, Amy.

E Arn    Heart of a tiger    Arnold, Marsha Diane.

E Bak    Window    Baker, Jeannie.

E Bar    Extra yarn    Barnett, Mac.

E Bar    Bones, bones, dinosaur bones    Barton, Byron.

E Bre    Winnie Finn, worm farmer    Brendler, Carol.

E Bre    Honey, honey--lion! : a story from Africa    Brett, Jan

E Bre    The hat    Brett, Jan

E Bre    Trouble with trolls    Brett, Jan

E Bru    Bad kitty    Bruel, Nick.

E Bun    That's what leprechauns do    Bunting, Eve

E Bur    Mike Mulligan and his steam shovel    Burton, Virginia Lee

E Buz    One cool friend    Buzzeo, Toni.

E Can    Stellaluna    Cannon, Janell

E Cof    Fred stays with me    Coffelt, Nancy.

E Cru    Mine!    Crum, Shutta.

E Die    The pout-pout fish in the big-big dark    Diesen, Deborah.

E Fle    The everything book    Fleming, Denise

E Gra    Ant and grasshopper    Gray, Luli.

E Hel    Chickens aren't the only ones    Heller, Ruth

E Hen    Chrysanthemum    Henkes, Kevin.

E Hin    I am a backhoe    Hines, Anna Grossnickle.

E Hug    My great-aunt Arizona    Houston, Gloria.

E Hur    Rocks in his head    Hurst, Carol Otis.

E Hut    The doorbell rang    Hutchins, Pat

E Jon    Round trip    Jonas, Ann.

E Kla    This is not my hat    Klassen, Jon.

E Lar    1+1= 5 : and other unlikely additions    LaRochelle, David.

E Lee    Missing math : a numbers mystery    Leedy, Loreen.

E Lin    The ugly vegetables    Lin, Grace.

E Log    Sleep like a tiger    Logue, Mary.

E Lon    Froggy gets dressed    London, Jonathan

E Mah    The Queen's goat    Mahy, Margaret.

E Mal    One foot two feet : an exceptional counting book    Maloney, Peter

E Mar    The three little pigs    Marshall, James

E McM    I stink!    McMullan, Kate.

E Mil    Richard Wright and the library card    Miller, William

E Mos    The funny little woman    Mosel, Arlene.

E Mwe    Greedy Zebra    Mwenye Hadithi.

E Nap    The Wishing Club : a story about fractions    Napoli, Donna Jo

E Pee    Cyrus the unsinkable sea serpent    Peet, Bill.

E Pin    A remainder of one    Pinczes, Elinor J.

E Pin    One hundred hungry ants    Pinczes, Elinor J.

E Pin    The lion & the mouse    Pinkney, Jerry.

E Pol    Rechenka's eggs    Polacco, Patricia.

E Rey    Creepy carrots!    Reynolds, Aaron

E Rey    The dot    Reynolds, Peter

E Say    Rah, rah, radishes! : a vegetable chant    Sayre, April Pulley.

E Sid    Compost stew : an A to Z recipe for the earth    Siddals, Mary McKenna.

E Sma    Imogene's antlers    Small, David

E Ste    A sick day for Amos McGee    Stead, Philip Christian.

E Sut    Demolition    Sutton, Sally.

E Van    Two bad ants    Van Allsburg, Chris.

E Whe    Jazz baby    Wheeler, Lisa

E Wil    Don't let the pigeon drive the bus!    Willems, Mo.

E Wil    Edwina : the dinosaur who didn't know she was extinct    Willems, Mo.

E You    Seven blind mice    Young, Ed.

J Fic App    The one and only Ivan    Applegate, Katherine.

J Fic Bos    The name of this book is secret    Bosch, Pseudonymous.

J Fic Bro    Flat Stanley : his original adventure!    Brown, Jeff

J Fic Col    The governor's dog is missing!    Collard, Sneed B.

J Fic Cus    Alchemy and Meggy Swann    Cushman, Karen.

J Fic Dah    Charlie and the chocolate factory    Dahl, Roald.

J Fic Dah    Matilda    Dahl, Roald.

J Fic Dic    The tale of Despereaux : being the story of a mouse, a princess, some soup, and a spool of thread    DiCamillo, Kate.

J Fic Fle    Here comes McBroom! : three more tall tales    Fleischman, Sid

J Fic Fle    McBroom's wonderful one-acre farm : three tall tales    Fleischman, Sid

J Fic Hes    Letters to Leo    Hest, Amy.

J Fic Kin    Diary of a wimpy kid : the third wheel    Kinney, Jeff.

J Fic Law    Savvy    Law, Ingrid

J Fic Mac    Galileo's leaning tower experiment : a science adventure    Macdonald, Wendy

J Fic Sel    The invention of Hugo Cabret : a novel in words and pictures    Selznick, Brian.

J Fic Ste    When you reach me    Stead, Rebecca.

J Fic Tho    Eloise : a book for precocious grown ups    Thompson, Kay.

J Fic Van    Moon over Manifest    Vanderpool, Clare.

J 355.424 Pat    Dogs on duty : soldiers' best friends on the battlefield and beyond    Patent, Dorothy Hinshaw.
J 398.2    Mar    The rough-face girl    Martin, Rafe
J 398.2 Cli         The Egyptian Cinderella    Climo, Shirley.
J 398.2 Cou       Yummy : eight favorite fairy tales    Cousins, Lucy.
J 398.2 Dem      One grain of rice : a mathematical folktale    Demi.
J 398.2 Dem      One grain of rice : a mathematical folktale    Demi.
J 398.2 Lou       Yeh-Shen : a Cinderella story from China    Louie, Ai-Ling.
J 398.2 San       The talking eggs : a folktale from the American South    San Souci, Robert D.
J 428.2 Tru        Twenty-odd ducks : why, every punctuation mark counts!    Truss, Lynne.
J 507.8 Kur        Potato chip science    Kurzweil, Allen.
J 508.866 Chi    Island : a story of the Galpagos    Chin, Jason
J 511.5 Lee       The great graph contest    Leedy, Loreen.
J 513.2 Adl        Working with fractions    Adler, David A.
J 535.6 Cot       The black book of colors    Cottin, Menena.
J 552 Wal          Rocks! rocks! rocks!    Wallace, Nancy Elizabeth.
J 560 Har          Cave detectives : unraveling the mystery of an Ice Age cave    Harrison, David L.
J 560 Jen          Prehistoric actual size    Jenkins, Steve
J 560.92 Fer      Barnum's bones : How Barnum Brown Discovered the Most Famous Dinosaur in the World    Fern, Tracey E.
J 565.7 Bra       Paleo bugs : survival of the creepiest    Bradley, Timothy J.
J 567.9 Les       The ultimate dinopedia : the most complete dinosaur reference ever    Lessem, Don.
J 567.937 Arn    Giant sea reptiles of the dinosaur age    Arnold, Caroline.
J 569.93 Thi      Lucy long ago : uncovering the mystery of where we came from    Thimmesh, Catherine.
J 573.76  Jen    Bones : skeletons and how they work    Jenkins, Steve
J 591.4 Jen       Actual size    Jenkins, Steve
J 591.68 Pob    Animals on the edge : science races to save species threatened with extinction    Pobst, Sandra
J 597.8 Cow      Red-eyed tree frog    Cowley, Joy.
J 597.8 Tur       The frog scientist    Turner, Pamela S.
J 597.87 Mar    The case of the vanishing golden frogs : a scientific mystery    Markle, Sandra.
J 599.9 Dee      Bodies from the ice : melting glaciers and the rediscovery of the past    Deem, James M.
J 599.9 Dee      Faces from the past : forgotten people of North America    Deem, James M.
J 624.19 Mac    Underground    Macaulay, David.
J 629.892 Rob    Robots : [from everyday to out of this world]   
J 636.7092 Den    Nubs : the true story of a mutt, a Marine & a miracle    Dennis, Brian
J 638 Kne         More pet bugs : a kid's guide to catching and keeping insects and other small creatures    Kneidel, Sally Stenhouse.
J 638 Kne         Pet bugs : a kid's guide to catching and keeping touchable insects    Kneidel, Sally Stenhouse.
J 641.5 Tay      George Crum and the Saratoga chip    Taylor, Gaylia.
J 664.6 McC      Pop! : the invention of bubble gum    McCarthy, Meghan.
J 686.2092 Rum    From the good mountain : how Gutenberg changed the world    Rumford, James
J 741.5 Lea       Learn to draw Angry Birds : learn to draw all of your favorite Angry Birds and those bad piggies!   
J 745.5 Chi       The Usborne book of face painting    Childs, Caro.
J 759.4 Mis        Edouard Manet    Mis, Melody S.
J 796.357 Nel    We are the ship : the story of Negro League baseball    Nelson, Kadir.
J 796.35709749 Ver    Brothers at bat : the true story of an amazing all-brother baseball team    Vernick, Audrey.
J 796.608 Mac    Wheels of change : how women rode the bicycle to freedom (with a few flat tires along the way)    Macy, Sue.
J 806.3 Lev        Writing magic : creating stories that fly    Levine, Gail Carson.
J 811.54 Sin       Mirror mirror : a book of reversible verse    Singer, Marilyn.
J 811.54 Wil       A visit to William Blake's inn : poems for innocent and experienced travelers    Willard, Nancy.
J 821 Dah          Roald Dahl's revolting rhymes    Dahl, Roald.
J 920 Kru           Lives of the pirates : swashbucklers, scoundrels (neighbors beware!)    Krull, Kathleen.
J 920 Kru          Lives of the presidents : fame, shame (and what the neighbors thought)    Krull, Kathleen.
J 921 Darwin    Charles Darwin    Krull, Kathleen.
J 921 Frank       Anne Frank : her life in words and pictures from the archives of the Anne Frank House    Metselaar, Menno.
J 931 Oco         The emperor's silent army : terracotta warriors of Ancient China    O'Connor, Jane.
J 932 Ste          The Egyptian News    Steedman, Scott.
J 932.012 Wei    Pharaoh's boat    Weitzman, David
J 936.2319 Aro   If stones could speak : unlocking the secrets of Stonehenge    Aronson, Marc.
J 937 Lan           The Roman news    Langley, Andrew.
J 937.7 Dee       Bodies from the ash    Deem, James M.
J 938 Pow          The Greek news    Powell, Anton.
J 939.21 Rub      Digging for Troy : from Homer to Hisarlik    Rubalcaba, Jill.
J 940.53 Jud       One thousand tracings : healing the wounds of World War II    Judge, Lita.
J 943.1550974 Tun    Candy bomber : the story of the Berlin Airlift's "Chocolate Pilot"    Tunnell, Michael O.
J 944.72 McC    The secret cave : discovering Lascaux    McCully, Emily Arnold.
J 970.01 Fre      Who was first? : discovering the Americas    Freedman, Russell.
J 979.701 Kir    Mysterious bones : the story of Kennewick Man    Kirkpatrick, Katherine.

24 July 2013

J 808.81 Tal      Koch, Kenneth        Talking to the sun : an illustrated anthology of poems for young people
J 811.52 Hug    Hughes, Langston    The dream keeper and other poems

J Fic Nor             Norton, Mary.    The Borrowers

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