North Adams Community Memorial Library

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Steps to renew any items you have checked out.

Currently there are several different ways to renew items. All depend upon how the item was borrowed. If you want to call or email the library, you do not need to read further. If you want to try it yourself, continue reading.

You have borrowed items that are owned by the North Adams library....

...if the item has a bar code (in the back of the book or inside the case of a DVD or on the first interior page of a magazine) 

you can log in to our circulation system (gray button - upper left side of this page). Use your library card number and your pin. Go to your account and look at the items checked out. You can select the items to renew.

...if the item does not have a bar code, the due date is stamped on the pocket of the book

call or email the library.

You have borrowed items through the Interlibrary Loan system (ILL). aka Mel the green MeLCat button at the left. Click on My Mel. Choose North Adams Community Memorial Library. Log in with your library card number and your pin. There will be a link showing how many items you have checked out through this system. Click on that for the list. You can then renew things that are close to being due. If you are too early, it will not let you.

After reading to this point, if you don't want to try it, call (287-4426) or email (


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